Healthtech MedPass secures an additional $6M in funding

LatamList MedPass, a Brazilian health tech app, recently launched an enhanced version of its solution and announced additional funding from US investors. After securing $8M in seed funding in 2016, MedPass has commitments from investors for another funding round of $6M to fuel the company’s growth.

The health tech app provides a platform for users to monitor their health through a “Health Center”, where physicians and nurses engage through chat or video, seven days a week allowing patients, if necessary, to schedule consultations with specialized physicians. 

Health professionals can access digital medical records of client employees through MedPass and can prescribe medications and lab exams, which can be performed at a discount in an accredited network.

The platform’s 4.0 version introduces a virtual assistant “Ben” which is equipped with over 120 medical algorithms that adjust to the risk profile and medical records of the user, providing medical help through a personalized screening.

MedPass currently focuses on corporate employees, who fill out their medical condition, habits, and behaviors through the app. 

The results obtained generate managerial dashboards updated through integrated digital medical records. Messaging resources have also been created to allow clients’ HR staff to transmit important communications with specific employees or companywide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put solutions like MedPass at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare industry.

“The need for MedPass’ unique technology was unmistakably clear before COVID 19,” said MedPass co-founder Hans Apostel. “But with the outbreak of the pandemic, regular monitoring of health takes on added urgency, which MedPass ensures.”

MedPass also has plans for future expansion into the US and Europe.

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