Housi raises $10M to expand globally

House keys

Brazilian startup Housi, which offers a subscription-based living solution, raised $10M in a round led by Redpoint eventures and TM3 Capital. Açolab Ventures, the CVC leg of ArcelorMittal, also participated.

Housi will use the funds to expand internationally, starting in the US and Portugal, and to establish a training center in Espírito Santo in Brazil.

“Housi’s real estate developers, along with many of the product and service partners, already operate in the US and Portugal, making the expansion more seamless,” said Alexandre Frankel, Founder and CEO of Housi.

Housi, founded in 2019, operates a platform in which clients can access fully furnished apartments through subscriptions. With over 500 buildings and 100,000 units, it boasts a Gross Sales Value of $5B.

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