How Liftit became Latin America’s logistics provider

LatAm List – Logistics is one of the biggest concerns facing Latin America’s growing e-commerce market. Colombian startup, Liftit, helps companies deliver anything from individual packages to cargo boxes. Founded in 2017, Liftit has experienced rapid growth, now making over 100,000 monthly deliveries and raising over US$14M in total.

Liftit was founded in Bogotá, Colombia by three Colombian founders, Brian York, Ángel Celis Botto, and Felipe Betancourt, whose complementary skills have boosted the startup to grow from “a garage to a multinational company” in just under two years. York was inspired to start the company to return to his roots, having grown up in the US after being born in Colombia.

The founders claim that Liftit improves the efficiency of delivery logistics by 40% by cutting out “dead time” for drivers. They currently work with retailers in Colombia and Chile and are opening offices in Santiago, Lima, Quito, and CDMX. This expansion is a preparation for their launch in the Brazilian market, which is rife with competitors.

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