HubLocal raises 700K for cost optimization and market expansion

HubLocal, a Brazilian SaaS optimizing and managing business data across top online search and map platforms to enhance brand visibility, raised $700K in a round led by Bossa Invest and GV Angels.

HubLocal will use the funds for cost optimization and market expansion.

“The objective of the investment round is to focus on the company’s sustainable growth and maintaining financial balance until the completion of the ongoing Series A round. Since 2019 we have been able to build a startup that earns over 8 figures with little funding raised. In 2023, we reached the company’s financial break-even point and maintained our growth trajectory. The resources are being directed to reinforce the sustainability of the business, at the same time as we pursue an efficient growth rate and await the completion of a larger round that is currently underway,” said Felipe Caezar, CEO of HubLocal.

Founded in 2019 by Felipe Caezar and Rodrigo Coifman, HubLocal uses artificial intelligence and process automation to optimize the way small and medium-sized companies manage their location across the internet.

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