IDB Lab to invest in new fund from DILA Capital

LatamListIDB Lab, the innovation lab of the IDB Group, will invest in the new fund for startups in Latin America from DILA Capital, the leading VC fund in Mexico. The fund will invest in between 18 and 25 tech startups in the region.

“This is a huge vote of confidence for us from one of the leading multinational organizations in the world whose aim is to promote development in Latin America,” said Eduardo Clavé, Managing Partner at DILA Capital.

The new fund will select up to 25 innovation tech startups to receive funding and exclusive resources. DILA Capital will select startups from the finance, health, education, logistics, mobility, and SME solutions sectors.

“As the region is recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, new capital, investment, innovative ideas, and quality technology are needed. The new DILA fund prioritizes all of this,” Clavé continued.

In providing funding to the right startups, IDB Lab and DILA Capital hope to help Latin America recover from the economic fallout of COVID-19.

The IDB Lab also recently announced it would invest in 500 Startups’ Luchadores III fund.

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