iFood increases accident coverage for delivery workers

LatAm ListiFood, the leading Brazilian food delivery service, recently announced an insurance coverage expansion for its delivery workers. The new regulations extend coverage to iFood delivery people’s journey home in addition to their working hours.

Runners using motorcycles will have an additional hour and up to 30 kilometers of coverage from their final delivery. Employees using bicycles, scooters, or who are on foot, will have up to two hours as well as 30 kilometres of coverage from their last delivery.

The change to the insurance policy comes only two months after the initiative was first introduced in Sao Paulo.

“We understand that the insurance coverage for our deliverers while en route and returning home is an important initiative for strengthening the relationship and trust they have with us,” commented Roberto Gandolfo, Vice President of Logistics at iFood.

This said, the new insurance policy only concerns vehicles used for iFood deliveries. If a runner were to have an accident with a bus, for example, they would not be able to make a claim.

Read more on Estado.

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