Ignia makes second investment in Mexican fintech, AirTM

Mexican fintech startup AirTM enables people from anywhere in the world to own a bank account that is backed by dollars, protecting users from hyperinflation in their home countries. They use a peer-to-peer network to help users by and sell dollars, and their system is now recognized by 200 banks and 15 electronic payments processors worldwide.

Ignia invests in startups in the fintech, health, and education industries that are helping the growing Mexican middle class. This was Ignia’s second investment in AirTM, helping them close a US$2M Pre-ICO round.

In 2017, AirTM grew an astonishing 1100% and was processing up to US$4M a day in transactions, in 100 countries.

AirTM will reportedly use the funding to grow their P2P network and to develop their cryptocurrencies, AIR and AirUSD.

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