Impacta VC launches the second edition of its fundraising strategy program

Impacta VC launched its second Fundraising Strategy Program to teach founders how to create a fundraising strategy and raise money on pre-seed, seed, and Series A financings. 

The 12-week program starts on August 1st and plans to double the impact of its previous version, which helped 54 startups from 10 LatAm countries. 

Impacta focuses on supporting socially driven companies. The fund has invested in companies like Carryt, Lab4U, Wheel The World, Airbag, and the Chilean unicorn, Betterfly.

“We are proud to say that in the last edition, over 70% of the participant startups successfully closed their financing round. This year, we’re planning something bigger,” said Program Director Catalina Taricco.

The applications are now open. To be eligible, the startups must not have more than 50% of their current round compromised and have at least six months of runway.

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