InnoHub raises $13.08M from Banco Santander Mexico, CONTPAQi, and others

LatAm ListInnoHub, a company builder for B2B fintechs raised $13.08M (MX$250M) from Banco Santander Mexico, CONTPAQi, and others. The commercial alliance aims to initially help 1M Mexican SMEs including their 7M employees. 

The partnership gives SMEs access to the Santander Avanttia Suite, software solutions that will help them grow and improve their financial development.

Innohub will also create new startups that will offer financial solutions like factoring, cash advances, insurance, bank accounts, and tax management.

“With Banco Santander’s investment, we will continue to create and develop digital financial solutions to improve the lives of SMEs, backed by a platform that integrates innovation, technology, and talent,” commented Raimundo Burguera, founder and CEO at InnoHub.

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