Instaviagem joins DOMO Invest’s portfolio

LatAm ListInstaviagem is a Brazilian travel platform which specializes in completely customizable trips. The startup recently joined Domo Invest’s portfolio after receiving just over $507.3K (R $2M).

According to Caio Martins de Andrade, the Instaviagem’s CEO:

“Two years ago, when we founded Instaviagem, we realized that there was still no solution in Brazil that would in fact bring unique experiences to travelers and eventually offer surprises that were in line with the expectation of this public,” as quoted from Baguete

The three founding partners, Caio Martins, David Andrade and Marcos Arata, plan to scale the operation inside and outside of Brazil, in addition to sharing their solution with various tour operators.

Read more on Baguete.

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