Interview with Javier Sanchez Aldana, MP at Carabela Seed Fund


In this Q&A we put the spotlight on Javier Sánchez Aldana, Managing Partner at Carabela.

Carabela invests in early-stage technology companies that have high potential for growth across Latin America. The fund invests in multidisciplinary and 100% committed teams with great execution capacity, solving relevant problems on the following verticals: ICT’s, E- Commerce, FinTech, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and BioTech (AgriTech, FoodTech and Environment). Carabela leads or co-leads Pre- seed and Seed rounds for companies to continue validating their business model or start to scale their operations.

Could you start by telling us about Carabela? What is Carabela’s thesis as a fund?

Carabela is Angel Ventures Guadalajara seed fund. We started investing in November 2020 and currently we have nine startups from Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru in our portfolio. We are focused on Pre-seed, Seed and Pre-Series A LatAm startups with a core team working full time. We invest across different industries such as ICTs, FinTech, Ecommerce, Logistics, Edtech and Foodtech. And our ticket size ranges from 50 to 150k, with a follow on reserve.

You recently announced investment in Dooper, Gabu and Zuru. What would you say these startups have in common?

The three of them are in a very early stage. They have a strong team and a meaningful mission to solve relevant problems across the region. I think there’s a huge opportunity in each of their markets and that’s why we decided to invest in them. As a Pre-seed and Seed Fund, our mission is to back founders with capital and strategic support, to help them achieve their first milestones to make a huge impact in the future.

These are complicated times for founders to raise money. Which advice would you give to founders raising right now?

I think there will always be available capital for great teams solving great problems. But given the current circumstances, my advice is to be very conscious about your burn rate and your runway, trying to extend it as much as you can. So you can be in better shape and raise on better terms. I recommend also checking your multiples and adjusting your valuation if needed, so you don’t close the door before having a chance to talk with potential investors. And I would also encourage you to focus on your most relevant KPIs, let’s say your north star, and demonstrate you can get out of this situation stronger than before.

Angel Ventures Guadalajara office started operations in January 2014. Today it manages Carabela Seed Fund, through which it has made nine investments in startups in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru. The Fund seeks to reach a size of MXN$80 million by the end of August 2022. Angel Ventures is a regional venture capital firm focused on early stage investments with high growth potential in Latin America. It has invested in more than 50 startups, including Clip, Kueski, Urbvan and Homie.

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