Introducing LatAm List

LatAm List is a new media publication dedicated to covering startups and technology in Latin America.

Latin America’s entrepreneurs are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges, yet there is only minimal English language coverage of their work. As a result, these stories remain confined to the region.

With major English-language tech publications covering only the biggest stories from the region’s most prominent startups, English speakers only have limited access to insights on Latin America’s booming startup ecosystem. We launched LatAm List to cover the stories that the English tech media hasn’t heard about.

These stories are already being shared by Spanish-language sources like PulsoSocial, LAVCAEl Mercurio and many more, however, the language barrier prevents these narratives from reaching a wider, more global audience. We source stories from Spanish language outlets, along with entrepreneurs and investors from our network.

LatAm List was born of our own frustration with the lack of available English sources on Latin American startup news. Friends, mentors, investors, and other English-speaking entrepreneurs have expressed similar feelings, even if they speak and understand Spanish. There was no source that brought together all the news from the region in an accessible format.

We will cover startup and entrepreneurship news coming from all of Latin America, from Brazil to Puerto Rico, to help English speakers stay up-to-date on recent acquisitions, investments, and launches. LatAm List is also a space for founders and investors to tell their stories in their own words.

We have chosen a shorthand format for these articles to provide pithy updates that are meant to inform you and provide resources to help you further educate yourself on the subject. If you would like to learn more about the startups we write about, please follow the links available in each article to view alternate coverage or to visit their website.

If you have any tips, or would like to submit a story for publication, please reach out! We love to hear about the latest news and trends changing entrepreneurship in Latin America. Thank you for reading!


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