14 Paraguayan Startups in 2022 you should watch now


Paraguay ranks 91/131 in the Global Innovation Index (IGI) 2022. If we look at global technology giants like Facebook, Google, Uber or even at regional giants like Pedidos Ya or  InfoCasas from Uruguay, this number might point towards a Paraguay who is some steps behind innovation. This is why we decided to prove the number wrong and found 14 startups that are creative, innovative, scalable and highly competitive. 

One of the strongest points of Paraguay is that it is safer than its neighboring countries and also its tax regime entails many benefits. Without going into too much detail, Paraguay has a territorial taxation system, which means that companies are only taxed on income obtained in the country, without taxation of income obtained abroad. Additionally, dividends distributed by resident companies to their resident partners are exempt from taxation provided that certain requirements are met. However, there are not all advantages; the small size of its market makes the development of local startups more difficult.

We leave you now with 14 Paraguayan startups that are standing out this 2022.

1. Fiweex

Fiweex is one of the most important WiFi Marketing networks in the region, with operations in Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. Since 2015 they are developing a network of free access and unique registration for users, today available in +1,500 establishments in LATAM.

Fiweex has created a system where companies can turn their wifi into a marketing tool. This ‘social wifi’ allows the user to connect to the company’s network, filling out a form where they share some of their data and, once inside, the company can offer their products and offers.

With this system, companies offer a service to users at the same time they can gain followers on their Fan Page, Instagram and even generate ratings on TripAdvisor or visits to your website. When the customer returns to the business, they no longer have to fill out a registration form, but will receive a personalized welcome.

With over 15million registered connections, Fiweex helps businesses to know, understand and communicate with their customers in a targeted way, generating intelligent segments and communications that help businesses to sell more, more often, and to real customers.

2. TAXit!

TAXit! is a fintech company that allows processing and settling taxes online, from a web page or through a mobile app. It is the first application in Paraguay to offer this service. It also provides its users with information on their tax situation, digital backup of all their receipts, the possibility of making tax queries, and the advice of tax experts.

David Caballero, Víctor Cálcena, Pablo Santacruz and Carlos Zapata founded the startup in 2013. Five years later it already had more than 5,000 users and its current challenge is to become an essential tool for large companies.

3. Reva

Reva is an online marketplace for athletes but also a powerful management system for sport facilities. Founded and directed by Guillermo Arce, Reva’s platform allows sports fans to book their spaces to practice their favorite activity: from tennis and paddle tennis courts to soccer fields. Everything is managed through its app, available for Android and IOS.

The platform directly connects users with the sports centers and owners of the spaces for practice. This system has advantages for both parties, as it allows centers to reach more customers and fans to access more options and manage the reservation in a convenient and fast way. Users can also buy other sport supplies in the ecommerce within the app.

4. Possibillian Tech 

Posibillian Tech is a technology startup that designs social experiences through technology, redefining social entertainment. The company founded and directed by Juan de Urraza works on various branches of the entertainment world, although the most striking thing is that it uses disruptive technology in the field of geolocation, which allows it to add differential value to any of its productions.

One of its latest releases has been the game Fhacktions a location based multiplayer mobile game set in a cyberpunk future controlled by factions of hackers. It combines geolocation-based games, real-time battles, and RPGs.

Posibillian Tech is a company committed to devise unique social experiences through technology, redefining social entertainment.

5. Toky

Toky is a startup founded in 2015 by Óscar Sánchez and Carlos Ruiz Díaz. Back then, the company presented a revolutionary system by which users could receive phone calls simply by sharing a link. This system avoided the need to publish one’s phone number. In addition, calls could be made directly from the web. 

The startup was accelerated by Telefónica’s Wayra Mexico and, today, offers a whole range of services linked to connectivity, allowing companies to manage calls as if they had their own call center.

Toky is a cloud phone system for startups and businesses of any size. It allows any company to create a call center in minutes, even with just one agent. Toky offers customers free calls with a single click on their website and to answer calls from computers or smartphones.

6. Aumenta

Aumenta is a startup specialized in developing augmented reality applications and solutions. This feature adds extra value with videos, audio, images and animations, encouraging interaction and generating more traffic for its clients. Aumenta’s clients range from communication, educational, institutional companies, and all those seeking to establish a dynamic communication with their users.

The startup is the brainchild of young entrepreneurs Aldo Orué and Hugo Acuña, and has received several awards such as the Startup Innovando Award 2016.

7. Goiko

Goiko is an online loan search engine that connects users directly with financial institutions. This fintech is the brainchild of entrepreneur Luis Urrutia, current CEO of the company. It is a free service for users and it is easy accessible, since loans can be accessed from the web or mobile app. Goiko provides financial and educational information that allows users to compare each loan so they can choose the most convenient one. It also guarantees its customers the confidentiality of their data.

In 2019, the startup won the award for Outstanding MSME of the Year at the II National MSME System Forum. It is free and it is available to users 24 hours a day, putting financial institutions within reach of a much wider public with fair prices.

8. Monchis

Monchis is a delivery app that works with both local businesses and franchises such as Pizza Hut. Businesses can offer their products through this app, which has more than 70,000 customers throughout Paraguay. 

Monchis does not charge companies for being part of its catalog, but only takes a commission on each sale. In this way it has been able to grow to offer, through its app, more than 10,000 dishes that include all types of food.

The company has been able to replicate a model that has been working for years in other European and American markets. A strategy that has been recognized with the 2019 Ecommerce Award.

9. MUV

MUV is a mobility technology startup, similar to Uber or Cabify. The company was founded by Sergio Mura, led by a group of young Paraguayan entrepreneurs, and belongs to Click S.A., a company founded with Paraguayan capital.

MUV’s goal is to help cities become smarter, more inclusive and with more transparent spaces. It is therefore committed to promoting this ecological mobility alternative, connecting users with private drivers who wish to earn an occasional additional income.

The company launched a new version of its app last year, designed to meet the demands and needs of its more than 400,000 users and 6,000 drivers. The company’s next goal is to internationalize the service.

10 . Abitapp

Abitapp is a software designed for buildings’ management and administration. Its main objective is to make life easier for owners and occupants through transparency, communication and conflict resolution mechanisms.

Through a mobile app, users can access accounting, administration, make payments, reserve common areas, send queries, receive notifications from the administration, consult internal regulations and vote. 

The startup is the brainchild of entrepreneur Alessandra Vallese and, so far, has raised $10,000 in a closed funding round through the Crunchbase platform.

11. Parkea

Parkea is an app created by Pablo Callizo, Rodrigo Parra and Rocío Parra that allows drivers to reserve a parking space in the city. This solution helps citizens and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions while streamlining urban traffic.

Their system connects parking space owners looking to make money with drivers looking to save money, time and effort when parking in public spaces and high-demand parking areas.

12. Colega

Colega is a mobile communication tool focused at schools, teachers, parents and students. This edtech, led by Luis Talavera, Edgar Rodriguez and Giovanni Patrón, seeks to provide solutions to the various problems that arise in the world of education. The startup was able to pivot during the pandemic, uniting the needs of institutions, teachers, students and parents. The application allows online classes, adapting to the needs of each school and subject. It also acts as a manager and agenda for teachers, parents and students, noting tasks or preparing notices.

A solution for both students and educational institutions, as they benefit from quantitative and qualitative analysis of students and classes, thanks to the app’s software.

13. Kili

Kili is the first streaming platform in Paraguay. Winner of Cervepar’s Impulsa innovation contest, Kili Video responds to the need to access national and Latin American content in one place, quickly and easily. It seeks to promote the dissemination of Paraguayan audiovisual works, as well as to provide space for emerging creators.

14. TIVA

TIVA is a cloud management and intelligence solution adopted by more than 500 companies and 4000 users. TIVA is a company founded in 2010 and has two business units: Business Solutions and Telecom Solutions. The company has two major products: Vox Centre, adopted by the state-owned telecommunications company of Paraguay. and BIMS, a SaaS platform for companies.

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