It really is possible to raise capital in Chile

This article was originally written in Spanish by Felipe Parragué, Founder of Denda, on LinkedIn.

I am very pleased because of something that happened last week, that I never thought could happen in Chile: closing an investment round in under four months.

This is the story of how Denda Latam closed its US$1M round after receiving approval from two Chilean VCs (SUDAMERIK Inversion de Impacto and Dadneo) along with two angel investors who joined the team as co-founders.

I believe the key in this process, which might be some people’s nightmares, was to include members from Denda’s committees, making them a part of what we are doing to change the way Chileans consume. When they saw the scale of all the verticals that we could take using our concept, everything closed very rapidly because they noticed we really could change many things to help people and the planet.

Although we now have to wait for CORFO to process the round and actually transfer the capital, I am very proud of what we have achieved as a team in just 3 years. It is not easy to raise capital in Chile, especially in eCommerce, but it is possible, especially if you are generating a positive impact and you have an incredible team.

Thank you ENGIE Factory and to my new colleagues, Dirk Van Nievelt and Arturo Parker.

Denda is a Chilean eCommerce platform that sells eco-friendly and sustainable products online.

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