Kapital launches an AI platform to help SMBs manage their finances

Kapital Founders

Kapital, a Latin American startup specializing in financial solutions, announced the launch of Kapital AI. The platform aims to assist businesses in Colombia with finance management and streamline collections and payment processes. 

“Nowadays, businesses have too much softwares for business, finance and accounting management. Kapital integrates all services in one platform and leverages AI capacities to help entrepreneurs make data-driven decisions,” said Kapital’s Team in an interview with Forbes Colombia.

The subscription-based model for Kapital AI will be available by the end of August, with features including real-time price checking, accurate financial reports and projections, recurrent payment, and duplicated payment identification.

The company recently raised $20M in a Series-A funding round, further bolstering its position in the Colombian and Mexican markets.

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