Kaszek Ventures leads undisclosed investment round in Olga Ri

LatAm ListOlga Ri, a Brazilian cloud kitchen platform, raised an undisclosed funding round led by Kaszek Ventures with contribution from Arbor Capital and private angel investors.

Olga Ri is part of a growing crowd of cloud kitchens in Latin America that operate solely as a production site for food orders. On a typical day, the Olga Ri kitchen in Sao Paulo makes more than a thousand salad orders which are then delivered by a fleet of 40 runners.

Cloud kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as companies seek to improve their food delivery service by reducing waiting times and improving food quality. 

“Our aim is to accelerate delivery time and reduce the cost for our customers,” said Bruno Sindicic, co-founder and CEO of Olga Ri.

The startup has its own digital platform where customers can make their orders, as well as operating in conjunction with iFood, Rappi, and Uber Eats. With the investment from Kaszek Ventures, Olga Ri aims to open two more cloud kitchens in Sao Paulo and continue to build its customer base.

The startup also plans to open three more kitchens within the year across different cities in Brazil as it consolidates its presence on the Brazilian food delivery market. 

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