Kuna launches loan platform for new and used cars in Mexico

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Kuna, a Mexican fintech, introduced a solution for automotive loans in Mexico. The platform simplifies the process of getting financing for new and used vehicles.

Kuna customizes loan plans to individual needs, accepting applicants without a credit history, credit reports, or delinquencies. Over 45,000 customers accessed financing through this platform, 40% being first-time buyers.

“The process is entirely digital, and users don’t need to decide on a specific vehicle beforehand; we focus on people, not just cars. With Kuna, users can input their data and receive loan approval in real-time,” said  Nicolás Schiaffino, CEO of Kuna.

With over three years of experience, Kuna uses technology and AI to achieve high approval rates, often 50% better than traditional options, making it easier for Mexican families to access financing.

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