Latin American startups have raised US$853M+ in the past 6 weeks. That’s more than all of 2016

LatAm List – The Latin American ecosystem has hit an inflection point. The record-breaking deals that made headlines in September led into an equally exciting October. The biggest investments of the past six weeks total to more than US$853M, more than total VC investment in Latin American startups in all of 2016And if you include the Cornershop acquisition, the past six weeks of deals comes in at above US$1B – more than the total investment LatAm startups received in all of 2017.

This total doesn’t include rounds that went unannounced or undisclosed. Certainly the real number would top US$1B if we were to include smaller rounds or hidden deals.

Here are the biggest deals of the past six weeks:

Latin America’s startup ecosystem is accelerating quickly. As international investors pour in, we are seeing higher valuations, quicker exits, and better teams. It will be exciting to see the LAVCA data for 2018 investment after the flurry of deals in the past six weeks.

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