Leadsales raises $3.7M to expand operation to Brazil

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Leadsales, a Mexican “plug & play” conversational commerce company, raised $3.7M in a seed round led by BluePointe Ventures and Ulu Ventures. Leadsales will use the funds to hire new talent and expand operations across LatAm with a focus on Brazil.

“Brazil is a big user of WhatsApp and is where Meta is piloting native payments integration via WhatsApp,” said Roberto Peñacastro, CEO of Leadsales, to TechCrunch.

Founded in 2020 by Roberto Peñacastro and David Villa, Leadsales is a CRM designed to optimize companies’ sales management across WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram by automating sales funnels and centralizing chat interactions.

The company has generated $1.6M in ARR, has a customer base of 1,400 clients, and has a presence across Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

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