Marco Carbajal, Openpay: What is a payment processing platform and how does it work?, Ep 2

Let’s Talk E-Commerce by Openpay is a podcast for entrepreneurs and companies interested in immersing themselves in the world of e-commerce.  

Hosted by Cristina Maldonado, Strategic Alliances Manager at Openpay.

In this second episode of Let’s Talk E-Commerce by Openpay, Cristina sits down with Marco Carbajal, Commercial Director of Openpay, to discuss what payment processing platforms are and how they work.

Outline of this episode:

  • [1:38] – What is e-commerce?
  • [2:08] – Most groundbreaking e-commerce models
  • [3:09] – The importance of payment processing platforms
  • [4:37] – Services offered by payment processors
  • [5:37] – Transitioning towards e-commerce
  • [8:32] – Key points for a payment processing platform
  • [12:49] – Recommendations for getting started with e-commerce
  • [15:42] – Openpay’s “merchant-centric” philosophy 

Resources & people mentioned:

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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