Mattilda secures a $10M credit line from Addem Capital


The Mexican startup, Mattilda, raised a $10M credit line from Addem Capital

Mattilda is a SaaS platform that helps schools manage and automate payments and offers credit solutions for education institutions. Using Mattilda, parents can create individual online payment links and pay their children’s scholarships using credit cards, bank transfers, and flexible credit lines.

With these funds, the company plans to reach more schools and universities in Mexico.

“By digitizing the process of paying scholarships, we have created a solution that improves the experience of parents and allows educators to save time and focus on what they know best: offer high-quality education,” said José Agote, CEO of Mattilda.

Last October Mattilda raised a $10 million seed round led by the New York private equity fund FinTech Collective. Today, the startup serves over 24.000 customers.

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