Meet Pivot: helping relocate employees that have been laid off from startups


As a consequence of market uncertainty and high interest rates, Latin American startups are laying off by the hundreds, investors are unsure of the following months, and even YC advised its founders to prepare for the worst, all while investors pressured their portfolio companies to cut cash burn. However, other companies in the tech ecosystem continue to hire aggressively and want access to this talent, given it is highly trained, motivated, and available.

Amid this situation surged the Pivot Initiative. Pivot is a platform that wants to track tech startup layouts in Latin America and help during this crisis.

This is how Pivot works:

  1. Those recently laid off can register on the website – – and provide their information for hiring startups. People enrolled can also provide up to five contacts of previous co-workers, managers, and leaders to make a recommendation on their experiences working together. 
  2. On the other hand, startups can enter the website and find a list of individuals who are available to work, filter them by role, country, industry, and startup (previous experience). 

“We hope putting people 1st becomes a key part of how we do business in Latam” – Daniel Bilbao (Co Founder – CEO at Truora)

Who is behind Pivot? The team consists of three key startups: 

  • Camila Inc., HR tech platform
  • Truora, user authentication startup
  • Makers, a training program and community startup for young entrepreneurs 

The Startup Hunty joined too as a strategic ally to promote events and provide resources to help the community. 

With this alliance they hope to strengthen the ecosystem. If you want to partner and help with this initiative, just send an email to [email protected].

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