Mercado de Recebíveis raises first round

Brazilian fintech Mercado de Recebíveis was valued at $14M in its first round. The round was led by Urca Angels, with the participation of Inês Corrêa de Souza and Marcelo Bella.

The funds will be channeled to product, tech, and hiring of new people.

“We want to harness the full potential we have regarding the recently announced regulatory change that will transform the economy of companies in the next three to five years,” said Henrique Echenique, CEO of Mercado de Recebíveis.

Mercado de Recebíveis helps companies get better rates when anticipating receivables regarding credit card sales and buy now, pay later sales. 

This is a niche opened by a new resolution of the Brazilian Central Bank, which instates electronic invoice duplicates and defines the applicable rules, such as the register processes and the negotiation rules.

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