Mercado Pago launches daily returns for Chilean digital accounts

Mercado Pago logo

Mercado Pago, the Mercado Libre online payment platform, now offers Chilean users a financial feature that provides daily returns with profitability that fluctuates at 8% annually, ensuring immediate liquidity. 

Mercado Pago, a B2B financial platform accessible to users in Latin America, goes beyond basic transactions, offering various financial services through free digital accounts, including card payments, bank transfers, and cash.

“This initiative addresses the lack of investment opportunities for many due to the inflexibility of traditional financial products. With over three million users in Chile, this new functionality enables users to profit from their money easily and swiftly,” said Matías Spagui, Senior Director of Mercado Pago Chile.

The product operates through a mutual fund established by BICE, utilizing technology from both Mercado Pago and Poincenot Tech Studio.

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