MercadoLibre plans to invest US$20M in Chile this year

According to El Mercurio, Argentina’s largest e-commerce company, MercadoLibre, plans on investing US$20M in the Chilean market this year. The director of the company, Alan Meyer, confirmed that MercadoLibre was very interested in improving user experience in Chile.

MercadoLibre has been making several investments this year, ramping up its presence and service in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Earlier this month, MercadoLibre announced a US$50M investment to implement their free shipping rewards program in Argentina, which is already up and running in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Said Meyer in the article in El Mercurio:

“With this investment, we hope to double the size of the business in Chile, and grow faster than the rest of the industry, maintaining triple digit growth like we did in 2017. We also want to continue providing our customers with services that democratize e-commerce, eliminate geographical, temporal, and cost barriers to equalize conditions and allow everyone to access valuable opportunities.”

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