Mesfix raises US$3.4M in five months through crowdfactoring platform

Mesfix is a Colombian crowdfactoring startup that connects companies to investors in Colombia. In just the past five months, Mesfix has raised US$3.4M (COP$10M) for businesses through its platform. Previously Mesfix had raised that amount over 3.5 years, bringing their total to US$7.4M to date.

Mesfix is an example of the booming fintech trend in Latin America, which is driving financial inclusion across the region. The startup allows regular citizens to purchase invoices over the Internet from companies in need of liquidity. The Latin American crowdfunding market is maturing, with companies like Cumplo, FounderList, and IdeaMe helping businesses get the cash they need.

Mesfix’s increased growth comes after a strong year for the fintech company. In 2017, Mesfix raised US$1.2M from InQlab and IKON Banca de inversión, and was chosen as Colombia’s most innovative business.

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