Mexican apartment sharing platform, DadaRoom, acquired by Roomi

DadaRoom is a Mexican startup that helps young people share their apartments with others that are looking for a room. Founded in 2012, DadaRoom received funding from Wayra and Start-Up Chile to help it grow to over 800,000 users across dozens of cities in Latin America. PulsoSocial reports that DadaRoom was recently acquired by US-based apartment-sharing platform, Roomi, for an undisclosed sum.

According to Roomi’s co-founders, there will be a six month lapse before DadaRoom’s users are transferred over to the Roomi site. In the meantime, the two companies will be working together to become a cohesive team.

Said Roomi CEO, Ajay Yadav, in the original article for PulsoSocial:

“Both of our companies are looking to create more trust and security during the apartment sharing process around the world, and this acquisition will help us achieve that goal.”

Read more in PulsoSocial.

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