Mexican fintech Kapital receives $100M investment and expands to Colombia

The Mexican fintech Kapital has arrived in Colombia to facilitate access to credit for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses. This expansion is fueled by Sivo’s $100M investment in the company. 

Kapital creates all-in-one financial products for companies, simplifying their processes, organizing their finances, and providing credit. Kapital will soon launch in Colombia the Kapital Flex product, with which companies will be able to defer payment to suppliers for up to 6 months from its platform.

“We came to Colombia to give companies that have not had access to financial products the opportunity to grow, providing them with credit and debit and business banking where they have visibility and control of their cash flow. We want the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colombia to grow hand in hand with Kapital,” said Fernando Sandoval, Kapital’s CFO. 

To date, Kapital has raised $130M in capital and benefited more than 7,000 small and medium-sized businesses. The next destination in its expansion plan will be Peru.

Sivo is a leading fintech that grants credit and loans at scale. Daniela Conejo, Sivo’s cofounder, explained:

“Our goal is to streamline and simplify the process that a startup follows to be able to access capital for debt, a lender usually takes 7 months or more to raise debt capital, which for a startup is deadly. At Sivo we give it in a matter of days so that founders can grow their business.”

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