Mexican fintech startup UnDosTres raises US$6.5M Series A round

LatAm List – Mexican payments platform, UnDosTres, recently announced a US$6.5M Series A round co-led by IGNIA and Dalus Capital, with support from InnoCells and other investors. The platform, available via IOS, Android, and desktop, helps users pay for things such as taxes, tolls, and even movie tickets, in an effort to replace the cash market.

Most Mexicans still operate mostly in cash, waiting in long lines to withdraw from ATMs and use cash for most daily purchases. UnDosTres offers a secure, easy-to-use platform so that users can still complete those purchases with less friction.

“UnDosTres resolves a real problem faced by Mexican users, offering a safe solution to increasing digital payment demand to acquire day to day services,” said Julio Martínez, Executive Director of InnoCells.

UnDosTres will use the investment to improve its platform and expand its services.

Read more in the press release from UnDosTres.

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