Mexican healthtech Eva gets $7 million


Eva Center, a Mexican company in the healthtech industry, received a new round of financing for $7 million, bringing its total funded capital to more than $25 million. The new round has participation by MBX, TeleSoft, Browder Capital, Cathexis and Prodigy Fund.

The healthtech was born with the intention of professionalizing breast cancer self-examination, through a smart bra that helped to make timely detections. However, Eva left the field of medical devices (which can cost up to $10,000 dollars to produce) to focus on digital medical services. 

“In this process, we became aware of the deficiencies in the management, analysis and storage systems for images of radiology studies, such as tomography, mastography, etc. We created our own system for the management of our 15 clinics and that system, which we called Eva Pacs, began to change and today is our main product, which can be the radiologist’s virtual office,” Julián Ríos Cantú, co-founder of Eva Center.

Eva Pacs includes tools with AI that help specialists generate a diagnostic evaluation. The Image Archiving and Communication System is up to 50 percent more accessible than other similar solutions, said Ríos Cantú. The platform registers a month-to-month growth of 20 percent and processes more than double the number of studies of the competition, with an average of more than 90,000 studies per month, through public and private medical institutions. 

“The process eliminates films, which are fallible as a diagnostic method and are incredibly expensive. This also helps the radiologist to be more productive, going from five interpretations per hour to between 10 and 15. At the diagnostic level, it provides very advanced tools that help radiologists to be more precise; we reduce waiting times, costs and improve diagnostic quality,” added Ríos Cantú. 

Eva plans to grow in the Latin American region. The healthtech recently purchased a Brazilian company and they expect to start operations by the end of 2022. Eva already has clients in Argentina, Colombia and Honduras. After Latin America they intend to go to regions where this type of development is needed, such as India, Africa and others. 

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