Mexican startup GoTrendier raises US$3.5M to target Chilean market

LatAm List – GoTrendier is an online second-hand clothing store founded by Spanish entrepreneurs, David Garzón, Belén Cabido, Dani Gamez, Jordi García, and José Luis Aparicio, in Mexico City. The founders recently announced a US$3.5M funding round led by Peruvian VC, Ataria, Mexican investor, IGNIA, and Banco Sabadell. Previous investors Antai Venture Capital, Bonsai Venture Capital, and Pedralbes Partners also participated in the round.

“The global market volume of buying and selling second-hand clothing reached 360 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach 400 billion by 2022. For us, the combination between the huge market that GoTrendier is targeting and the team that is leading this company has convinced us to decide to support their growth,” said Sergio Pérez, director of investments of Sabadell Venture Capital.

This investment will help GoTrendier consolidate in its main markets, Mexico and Colombia, and expand into the Chilean market.

Read more in Forbes Mexico.


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