Mexican startup Plerk launches partnership with WeWork

The Mexican startup Plerk announced a partnership with WeWork, the global platform for coworking spaces, to promote hybrid and remote work.

Plerk offers membership benefits for company employees. Through this partnership, Plerk users will have the WeWork All Access Pass. With hybrid and remote work on the rise, this alliance will allow human resources professionals to grant access to coworking spaces to their employees. According to Alvaro Villar, WeWork Mexico’s executive president:

 “WeWork has always focused on providing the best experience for people to make the most of their spaces for collaboration and innovation. Today more than ever, it is necessary to create spaces to connect and use space on our own terms (…) The alliance with Plerk will open up a world of possibilities for companies to offer these benefits by enriching their employees’ experience.”

Miguel Medina, Plerk’s CEO and cofounder, also referred to how this alliance is an answer to upcoming trends in the future of work:

“With the pandemic, the ways of working evolved completely, and at Plerk we responded to these changes from the very first moment. Today, remote and hybrid work is a reality and through the partnership between WeWork and Plerk, we offer an option with which companies can encourage employees to continue to make this trend tangible”

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