Mexico’s Dila Capital invests $10M in biometrics startup Incode

LatAm ListDila Capital, a Mexican venture capital firm, recently invested $10M in Incode, a San Francisco-based digital ID and biometrics startup. 

With this round of funding, Incode will invest in the development of its technologies as well as push forward its global sales efforts.

“Dila’s team is impressed by Incode’s ability to use facial recognition to create globally recognized biometrics technology through an omnichannel experience,” said Eduardo Clavé, Managing Partner at Dila Capital. 

Incode provides biometric products to the banking and service industries. The company’s main product, Incode Omni, is an end-to-end identity platform that offers a frictionless customer experience at every point of contact across multiple channels. Users can access any of Incode’s services using just their faces. 

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