Mexico’s largest crypto exchange Bitso begins expansion in Argentina

LatAm ListBitso, Mexico’s first bitcoin exchange, recently started its expansion into Argentina. The platform will initially operate with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, TrueUSD, XRP, Golem, Decentraland, Bitcoin Cash, and BAT.

“Bitso is one of the safest global crypto organizations, and the safest in Latin America, according to a study by ICO Rating agency in which 135 platforms were evaluated,” said the company in a statement.

Although Bitso is a European-based company, it has a strong presence in Mexico with over 800,000 users. 

Bitso Co-founder and CDO, Pablo González explained the expansion into Argentina. 

“We have two reasons: first, Argentina has one of the most important crypto communities in the world. There’s already a significant mass of users, which allows us to foresee that we’re faced with people interested in exercising the freedom that blockchain technology offers, which is based on principles like transparency, efficiency, and decentralization. 

Secondly, we seek to support the local industry’s growth process. In that sense, we expect to push the current crypto projects forward and emphasize in training (and searching for) new talent.”

Bitso’s Community Development Manager, Nora Palladino, commented that while other countries use cryptocurrencies for investment, Argentines use them as a store of value or for international business purposes due to difficulties experienced in receiving foreign payments by more traditional means.

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