Mexico’s Moons accepted into first 2020 YCombinator cohort

LatAm ListMoons, a Mexican dental care startup, was recently accepted into the first 2020 YCombinator cohort.

Moons is changing the face of dental care in Latin America with its affordable treatment plans of around $1,200, which include consultations and pre-planned treatment schedules with their 3D-printed aligners.

The company has already received significant funding from international investors including Jaguar Ventures, Foundation Capital, and Tuesday Capital, as well as individual investors in Latin America’s dental industry.

The startup currently has offices in 18 locations across Mexico and two in Colombia. In just one year, Moons has made a big impact on the dental market, even starting to compete with the US company Invisalign.

“We’re turning more cases than Invisalign in Mexico because we’ve brought the price right down,” commented Tommaso Tomba, CEO and co-founder of Moons.

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