Mexico’s Worky raises $3M from QED and LEAP

LatamListWorky, an HR SaaS for Mexican SMEs, raised $3M from QED Investors and LEAP Global Partners

The Mexican startup aims to facilitate and automate HR processes for SMEs in Mexico where there is little innovation in the sector. Worky provides stats and insights that help companies make better business decisions by taking into account turnover, and employee records, among other factors.

“One of the major challenges in Mexico is staff turnover,” commented Maya Dadoo, CEO and co-founder of Worky. She added, “Employee rotation represents a huge cost that companies usually seek to reduce. Depending on the case, the correct use of Worky can reduce rotation up to 30%.”

In the current global context where most people are working from home, Worky’s cloud-based solution is more relevant than ever.

“We have never noticed a greater need in companies to digitize their operations, especially with everything we are experiencing, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have two options: innovate, adapt these types of tools, or die,” said Roman Leal, Managing Partner at Leap.

According to Worky’s COO Carlos Marina, the startup is already helping over 150 SMEs in Mexico with their HR management.

Learn more about Worky on Episode 107 of Crossing Borders featuring co-founder and CEO Maya Dadoo.

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