umgrauemeio secures $3.7M to fight forest fires

Aerial shot of road surrounded by green trees

Climatech umagrauemeio raised $3.7M in its first round of investment to fight forest fires in Brazil. Indicator Capital, Latin America’s largest IoT VC, Baraúna Investimentos, The Yield Lab Latam and Rural Ventures participated in the round.

With this investment, umgrauemeio will implement an AI-powered risk management and analysis solution in surveillance cameras to prevent forest fires, reduce CO² emissions, and improve smoke detection capabilities.

In 2023, over 9 million hectares in Brazil burned. umgrauemeio built its Pantera platform to address this problem by quickly identifying fire outbreaks, pinpointing ignition locations, and activating rapid response protocols to address.

With revenues of $3.8M last year, umgrauemeio currently monitors over 17.5 million hectares in Brazil, has received System B and Plan A carbon inventory international ESG certifications, and recently presented their solution at COP28 in Dubai.

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