Mono introduces corporate cards that don’t require a credit review

mono logo

Mono, the Colombian neobank, in collaboration with Visa, announced its first corporate card in Colombia that doesn’t require a credit review. Instead of completing a credit review, the card is linked to the customer’s Mono account balance.

“Our cards meet a crucial need: enabling online payments and global merchant acceptance without going through time-consuming and difficult credit studies,” said Salomon Zarruk, co-founder and CEO of Mono.

The Mono Visa business card offers enhanced expense-tracking capabilities. With Mono’s technology, companies can have a card issued in just two clicks and set a limit, making it easier to control their budget.

Mono entered the financial market in 2021 with the goal of reshaping corporate business banking. Their vision is to reinvent the banking experience, making accessing financial services more efficient and user-friendly for businesses.

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