Movile Group appoints Patrick Hruby as new CEO

LatAm ListMovile Group, an ecosystem of leading technology companies in Latin America, recently announced Patrick Hruby as new CEO, effective immediately. 

Before assuming this position, Hruby spent five months as an Executive in Residence at the company working closely on operations with all Movile companies including iFood, MovilePay, PlayKids, Sympia, Wavy, and Zoop.

Fabricio Bloisi, co-founder and CEO of Movile Group since 1998, will become President of the Board, while continuing his role as CEO of iFood.

“Given Patrick’s experience helping to build key businesses within Latin America for several global tech giants, I expect he will enable Movile to strengthen the performance of its ecosystem of tech companies,” said Bloisi.  

The new CEO commented that Movile will continue to invest in Brazil’s tech and innovation ecosystem, which will be the foundation for advancing throughout Latin America and expanding to other markets. 

“My focus and attention will be on three major objectives: to grow Movile Group’s current businesses; identify new segments and companies to expand our ecosystem; and have a leadership role in creating better organizations and a more just society in the markets we serve,” said Hruby.

Hruby added, “Given the unprecedented time we are currently experiencing, my initial priorities will be protecting the well-being of Movile Group employees and partners, business continuity planning, and minimizing the impact on Movile’s ecosystem worldwide.”

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