Movile’s Wavy acquired by Sinch

LatAm List Sinch AB, a Swedish cloud communications platform for mobile customer engagement, recently acquired Wavy, the strategic communications arm of Movile Group.

“Uniting Sinch and Wavy significantly strengthens our offering in next-generation messaging and expands our presence in Latin America. Our shared vision, greater scale, and global outlook makes us uniquely well placed to succeed in the marketplace, innovate with our customers, and grow our business,” commented Oscar Werner, Sinch CEO.

Wavy is the second-largest messaging provider in Brazil and offers services in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay. The company has commercial agreements with more than 50 mobile operators in Latin America and currently handles more than 13 billion business messages a year.

“Wavy is built on passion, innovation, and a mission to make an impact on a global scale. Joining forces with Sinch lets us innovate together and truly transform how businesses engage with their customers. We are on a journey that has only just begun and look forward to the combined future of Sinch and Wavy,” said Eduardo Henrique, Wavy CEO.

Also a leader in conversational messaging over WhatsApp, Wavy’s customers include food delivery platform iFood, beauty company Avon, and ticket distributor Ingresso Rapido.

Read more on Yahoo!Finance or on Sinch’s website.

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