MUY Tech closes $4M from Seaya Ventures

LatAm List MUY Tech, a technology-based restaurant platform, closed a $4M round led by Seaya Ventures.

With this round of funding, the platform will strengthen its presence in Colombia, where it has launched five restaurants of its own, and expand into Mexico and other Latin American markets.

Its objective is “to become a key player in the food service industry in Latin America in the next decade,” said José Calderón, MUY Tech’s CEO.

Calderón and his partner, Miguel McAllister, are focused on “building technology that optimizes restaurants’ internal processes and gives users the MUY experience.”

He also adds that their goal is “for Latinamericans to enjoy quality and accessible food.”

This last point is what caught Seaya Ventures’ attention. According to Pablo Pedrejón, Seaya Ventures Principal, the startup’s co-founders “understand clearly that in Colombia and other Latin American countries, consumers deserve access to a balanced and healthy nutrition.”

With this investment, Seaya Ventures strengthens its bet on Latin American startups. Based in Madrid, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo, Seaya has previously invested in Glovo, SinDelantal (exited), and Cabify.

“The opportunities for tech startups in the region are huge and from Seaya Ventures, we want to support their growth with our experience and investment,” said Pedrejón.

Read more on El Español or Seaya Ventures.

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