Niky partners with Mastercard to launch a new product

Prepaid card

Brazilian fintech Niky announced the launch of Niky Benefícios, a new card that enables users to make payments using corporate benefits compensation at any global establishment accepting Mastercard.

Niky’s platform allows companies to provide flexible benefits to their employees. It has three main products: Niky Benefícios; Niky Saúde, a health package that includes a healthcare plan and health assistance; and Niky Incentivo, a feature to activate incentive and bonus programs.

“With Niky, we bring back the true meaning of flexible benefits. HR departments can create the benefits policy according to the company’s strategy. Employees get hundreds of offers that make sense to each person,” said Matheus Moretti, Niky’s Co-Founder and CGO.

Niky has 2M clients in Brazil and $254M was transacted on their platform in 2022.


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