Nissan Mexico partners with Mercado Libre to sell cars online

LatAm List Nissan Mexico has launched an online store in collaboration with Latin America’s e-commerce leader, Mercado Libre, where users can easily purchase cars. The store was developed with support from Mercado Libre’s Motors and Advertising teams.

The online platform offers models like Nissan Kicks, Sentra, Nissan X-Trail, Versa, Nissan NP300, and Nissan.

“At Mercado Libre, our main objective is to create and offer our clients secure online solutions, excellent prices, payment solutions, variety of products, and the possibility to search and choose the car of their dreams,” said  Amelie Mossberg, Mercado Libre Motors’ Director.

Both companies see this new platform as a chance to get close to their clients and create a practical and unique customer experience.

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