Noodle Secures a $3.4M Investment

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Noodle, a fintech company that provides financial assistance to content creators, secured $3.4M in funding from SRM Ventures.

Noodle will use the investment to offer content creators financial solutions, including international payment options, royalty-splitting tools, digital accounts, and lines of credit.  With the offering, the company will reach new markets, such as gamers, YouTubers, and influencers. 

“Our solutions are in high demand across various segments of the creator economy. The traditional financial system is not designed to keep up with such a dynamic market. Moreover, as these businesses are primarily digital, we can easily reach new audiences,” said Igor Bonatto, CEO of Noodle.

To date, Noodle collaborates with close to 50,000 content creators, such as Kondzilla and PineappleStorm, on a monthly basis.  The company predicts a 43% growth in revenue in 2023 compared to the previous year. Noodle’s plans for expansion are expected to create further opportunities for content  creators.

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