Nubank “acquihires” Plataformatec

LatAm List Nubank, a leading fintech company in Latin America, recently bought consulting firm Plataformatec which specializes in software development for disruptive startups.

Among Plataformatec’s clients are Creditas, Easynvest, and Grupo Abril.

This acquisition will be first in the company’s history and will incorporate 50 professionals into Nubank’s development team. The quality of the company’s team was key in the whole process.

“Our biggest bottleneck today is in the technical area and the Plataformatec team had been consulting for us for some time, with a very good level of talent,” said Cristina Junqueira, Nubank’s co-founder.

In 2019, Nubank hired 300 people throughout the year for their engineering team, totaling 500 professionals.

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