Nuvocargo launches its Customs product

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Nuvocargo announced the launch of its Customs product. The product aims to streamline customs operations between the U.S.-Mexico border and reduce complexity by providing a single point of contact throughout the process.

Nuvocargo Customs captures 7 border-specific data points, including reception and review of documents, MX and US customs clearance status, and exam flags allowing users to make smarter decisions.

“Nuvo customs was designed with the needs and biggest challenges of businesses in mind. We identified a gap in the market for a unified freight + customs solution, and we aim to become the standard for such products,” said Jay Gerard, Head of Customs at Nuvocargo.

Crossing times are reduced by almost 40%* when customers work with Nuvo Customs vs. handling their customs separately. In addition, Nuvocargo has been able to generate accurate border-crossing documents around 20x faster than other brokers.

“The Nuvo Customs product goes beyond simple customs clearance. It enables the establishment of a smooth and effective supply chain,” said Deepak Chhugani, CEO and founder at Nuvocargo.

With this launch, Nuvocargo has publicly launched three product offerings: Freight, QuickPay, and Customs, all wrapped in its digital portfolio. Nuvocargo expects to continue launching more fintech and software products in its mission to help shippers and carriers simplify trade across the Americas.

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