Oxio integrates with Telcel to democratize access to the mobile network in Mexico


The first Telecom-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform Oxio announced the integration into the Telcel network in Mexico. With this partnership, they expect to expand its coverage immediately and broaden the scope of its connectivity services and benefits for corporate clients. Oxio is a fully customizable B2B white label solution that provides telecommunications connectivity services to the end users through the brands of Oxio’s clients.

The possibility to integrate with Telcel allows Oxio to strengthen its multicarrier services, allowing intelligent switching between different networks and expanding coverage for its users, favoring them with a broader, more stable and reliable connection. Likewise, it enables and optimizes the power of its mobile operation for its clients, who can now expand its value proposition to more users nationwide.

“This integration with Telcel represents a milestone for our company, guiding us towards the goal of democratizing access to the mobile network for all Mexicans, while enhancing the capacity for innovation for brands that foster a closer relationship with their customers, through our services”,

highlighted Abraham González Pont, General Manager and Vice President of Operations at Oxio.

Oxio’s TaaS platform allows key segments of the Mexican economy such as retail, mobility, fintech, banking and mass consumption applications, among others, to offer and improve mobile and internet services at competitive prices. Additionally, it favors their commercial strategies and generates a unique and high-level experience for consumers, through components such as loyalty programs, rewards, and promotions based on consumer behavior, preferences, and consumption levels.

Oxio’s B2B model already has proven results in driving actionable business intelligence strategies. One use case example is in the freight trucking industry, where it allows massive messages to be sent to operators to warn of possible delays along the way, and providing geolocation data for each of the transport units in real time.

Earlier this year, Oxio raised a $40M Series B to launch in the US and Brazil.

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