Parallel 18’s Burea raises $2M

LatAm ListBurea is a Puerto Rican app that offers its users discounts on products as well as cash back on everyday purchases as they build their loyalty to the platform. Burea recently raised $2M in a single investment round and is the first Parallel 18 Boricua startup to do so, according to Lucas Arzola, the Director of Operations for the Puerto Rican accelerator.

The round was led by Independent Capital and Expresión 2020 with an additional 9% contribution from the BEEX firm which strategically partners the company with Mexico. 

According to Burea’s co founder and CEO Vivian Vargas, “Our focus this round is to expand to Mexico,” which she told El Nuevo Dia

With this new capital, Burea is going to promote their upcoming launch as well as optimize their systems to handle the pending exponential growth of users. 

Burea currently has 160K active users in Puerto Rico and aims to raise that number to 250K by the end of the year.

Read more on El Nuevo Dia.

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