Peruvian delivery startup acquires Chile’s TodoVa

LatAm List – Chazki, a Peruvian delivery startup, acquired TodoVa, a Chilean startup in the same sector. The two startups merged staff and resources to continue expanding Chazki across Latin America.

Chazki is a delivery logistics platform that is using artificial intelligence to provide postal maps for more remote areas and opening up those communities for online deliveries. The company is active in some of the largest Latin American markets, such as Mexico, Argentina, and Peru.

The move to acquire TodoVa marks Chazki’s entrance into Chile, with Carla Rodríguez, founder and CEO of TodoVa, becoming the Country Manager for Chazki in Chile. 

“I think we have been able to help TodoVa gradually thanks to our greater experience in the industry,” commented Gonzalo Begazo, co-founder and CEO of Chazki.

TodoVa will now have access to a wider range of products through Chazki, while the Peruvian startup will be able to access the more advanced software of TodoVa.

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