Platzi will launch a satellite to offer students courses on space technology

Platzi will launch a satellite into space in collaboration with the Spanish company FOSSA Systems. The edtech announced it will venture into space exploration in 2023. Through this contract, Platzi plans to offer its students a series of courses related to satellite technology.

This event is meant to be the beginning of Platzi’s program to teach students about space exploration and to communicate with the satellite in space. Sebastián Delmont, dean of Computing and Technology at Platzi, stated the following:

 “By launching the satellite, we make the challenge a little more interesting, and we help to open the imagination of our students and to look up beyond the atmosphere.”

Some of the courses that the company wants to offer are related to space, the Internet of Things, and radio communications with the satellite.  This is an area that will become relevant in the coming years, and Platzi wants to bring the NewSpace closer to the new generations.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of Latinos that are pursuing careers in space research, leading programs at NASA, and more. According to Freddy Vega, Platzi’s CEO and founder, there will be a wave of space-related companies during the next decade, and many of them will be born in Latin America. He added:

“In recent years, progress in the miniaturization of technologies, on the one hand, and the reduction of launch costs on the other, has meant that the possibility of putting a satellite into orbit is no longer the sole domain of governments or large companies. This will open the door to space for more entrepreneurial projects and we want to make sure that our community is prepared for these opportunities.” 

Platzi has now become the first edtech in history to launch a satellite into space. It will be built and tested this year and put into orbit in March 2023. Freddy Vega stated that the satellite is planned to be launched through Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, although this has not yet been confirmed. 

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